Bassam Allam Art Photography
  • Photography:

    Bassam Allam
  • Models:

    Yasmine N, Bassam Allam, Clara, Karina
  • Styling:

    Lorand Lajos

Bassam Allam Art Photography

Egyptian Conceptual, surreal and fashion photographer, AND one of CairoScene's esteemed top 14 beard havers, Bassam Allam is right up our alley. The only thing better than painting a Nature Morte image of reality, is distorting the very fabric of it with its own photographed reflection. Oh and did we mention his photography graced the pages of Vogue magazine, TWICE?

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"Self// Atleast I'm Doom, for the Lucky One. Atleast I'm home, for the lucky ones." Bassam Allam.
Hands: Marcel.
'Clara // To Be a Rose'.