‘Cairotix’: A night in Cairo According to Toufic Araman
  • Photography:

    Toufic Araman
  • Styling:

    Anna Castan Tomas, Tamima El Narsh
  • Hair and Makeup:

    Annesofie Begtrup
  • Model:

    Magda Slodczyk MMG Talent
  • First Assistants & Muse:

    Aisha Alshabrawy, Khaled Hamdy
  • Lighting Assistant:

    Desha Light
  • Production:

    Khaled Hamdy & Khaled El Ghandour
  • Publication:

    Oryx Magazine

‘Cairotix’: A night in Cairo According to Toufic Araman

Dubai-based experimental photographer, Toufic Araman recently visited Cairo to host a workshop on fashion photography and took us on a night out through Downtown Cairo’s urban settings with a captivating yet raw series of photographs taken at barber shops, street vendors and on neon-lit Feluccas.

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