Andiamo Pizza Bar 'An authentic slice of Italy'
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Andiamo Pizza Bar 'An authentic slice of Italy'

Step aside because a new Pizza bar is in town. Yes, Heliopolis hath been blessed with a Pizza bar! Their formula for success is actually rather simple; Finger-lickin' fresh Italian cuisine + delicious cocktails ÷ beautifully quaint outdoors setting = Life, enhanced. Thank you.

CairoScene interview the masterminds responsible for our tipsy afternoons, right here. Check it out.

Hands down one of the freshest Caprese salads we had yet. That home-made tangy sun-dried tomatos twist is right on the money.
Sun-dried errthang!
Their Sangrias are a must-try. Careful though, just beacause it's sweet, doesn't mean it won't bite!