One Oak 'Steak & Sushi Bar'
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    Ali Bahr

One Oak 'Steak & Sushi Bar'

CairoScene and ourselves went on one delicious getaway to One Oak. We fluttered our lashes while they talked sweet nothings in to the night (they do that!) but as soon as the plates came floating out of the kitchen, our eyes flung open and their mouths drew shut. One Oak offers a One (O)f (A) (K)ind gastro-experience with a diversely delectable menu of international classics, played up with palatable twists and a dash of creativity; from the freshest sushi bites to their specialised succulent beef cuts, and of course, what would a good dining experience be without an extensive selection of refreshing cocktails.

More mouthwatering details as CairoScene tell it, here.

Green Waldorf Salad with Strawberry Vinaigrette

Fried Camembert Cheese with Blueberry Compote

One Oak Sushi Platter

450g T-Bone Steak, Served Medium Well