Baltazar 'Food Rethought'
  • Project By:

    @MO4 Network #MO4 Productions
  • Photography:

    Mahmoud El Beleihy
  • Styling & Art Direction:

    Amr Younis, Zeftawy

Baltazar 'Food Rethought'

If your idea of an ideal meal is a safe choice of steak with a side of pasta salad, Baltazar is NOT the place for you, or maybe it is, provided you let them Baltazar it up a little; a cheese stuffing here, a special sauce there and you are all set to delve into their unique culinary experience. International cuisine at Baltazar is unlike any place else; burgers become black burgers, pizza is substituted with the much more promising proposition that is flatbread, even lemonade can’t escape the hands of the mad culinary scientists running the kitchen!
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