Sicilian Bites at Golio's
  • Project By:

    @MO4Network #MO4Productions
  • Photography:

    Karim El Sabh, Ahmed Alloosh
  • Art Direction:

    Dina Bahr, Noha Bahr

Sicilian Bites at Golio's

Bless the Italians and their marvelous creations; from fashion to cuisine, they got it all down. And Golio's, our fondest Italian discovery, is no different. We're talking authentic Sicilian cuisine, just like that Italian grandma you never had used to make it. Feast your eyes!

How about that authentic slice of Sicily?

Or perhaps a creamy, spiced pumpkin soup and a jalapeno grilled chicken Pollo Farcito salad?

Another Sicilian delight; the sizzling Polo Fracito, topped with crispy bacon, mozzarella and jalapenos.

Jumbo Gambaretti. We rest our case.