A Splash Of Gourmet By The Poolside - White Coast
  • Marinated grilled chicken
  • Project by:

    MO4 Productions
  • Photography by:

    Kareem El-Sabaa

A Splash Of Gourmet By The Poolside - White Coast

Ever just laid down by the pool, soaking up the Sahel sun, enjoying that peachy lounge music in the background before suddenly, hunger fiercely strikes and that mediocre pizza or burger with fries just won't cut it? Well White Coast have set themselves apart as a hub for exceptional cuisine and exotic cocktails with an extensive menu, tailored to tantalize any taste right by their serene poolside; from their scrumptious grilled Soulvrakis and luscious Risotto to their 'Catch of The Day' specialties.

Prawns Tagiolini

Grilled Salmon With Safron Reduction

Greek Lemon Beef with Rice Pilaf and House Greek Salad

Lamb Chops or Pan-Fried Sea Bass with Tomato Quinoa, Honey Roasted Vegetables and Truffle Oil Drizzle