'Delirium' Capsule Collection By Kojak
  • Fashion Shoot By:

  • MUA:

    Nada Nasr
  • Hair:

    Heclev & Hewart Hair Stylist
  • Models:

    Nour Yassin, Miran Abdel Wareth, Fatma Yousef, Salma El Kashef
  • Set:

    MA + Architects

'Delirium' Capsule Collection By Kojak

Nobody does melodrama better than young, edgy designer, Kojak. His latest work, 'Delirium' - Capsule Collection stands out for its audacious hues of metallic purple fabric, crafted into beautifully structured pieces that are both very feminine and bold. In his own words "They say birds born in cages think that flying is a sin; I guess we're all sinners then." Keep flapping these glamourous feathery wings, Jako!