Mer"s 'Silver & Ivory'
  • Photo shoot by:

    MO4 Network's MO4 Production
  • Fashion Director:

    Gehad Abdalla
  • Fashion Coordinator:

    Yasmin Abdelbary
  • Art Direction :

    Ikon Chiba
  • Fashion Photography:

    Lobna Derbala
  • MUA:

    Dina Dimitry
  • Hair Stylist:

    Khairy Tarek Salon
  • Wardrobe:

    Boho Gallery, Rana El-Kashef
  • Model :

    Salma Abu Deif

Mer"s 'Silver & Ivory'

We are done pretending that clichéd calligraphy necklaces are still a thing in this day and age. It is an established fact that the glamorous ones among us with a clear and sound sense of fashion are always on the lookout for the freshest, head turning trends around. So how about you ditch those overplayed "cultural relics" and explore more bold options, hmm? MO4 Fashion certainly did with this shoot, divulging the bold designs of Mer's silver jewelry with decorations inspired by native art, Buddhism, angels and more enticing themes. Get with the times, sheesh! And now, our favourite picks from their latest collection.