'Shahrazad Soaked In Bleach' Sequoia Fashion Shoot
  • Production By:

    MO4 Network, MO4 Fashion
  • Fashion Direction & VFX:

    Ikon Chiba
  • Photography By:

    Lobna Derbala
  • Fashion Coordination & Styling:

    Yasmin Abdelbary
  • MUA:

    Mai Ayman
  • Hair:

    Elle Salon
  • Model:

  • Wardrobe:

    69 Stores
  • Location:


'Shahrazad Soaked In Bleach' Sequoia Fashion Shoot

The Mystic queen of the orient docked her ship at Sequoia’s 1001 Nights -inspired Ramadan tent for days of tales and joy. MO4 Network's Fashion Team has set up her chamber with the finest garments and crafted jewellery from 69 Stores, while Sequoia’s kitchen prepared a fine-tuned feast to delight her senses. Scroll through visual artist, Ikon Chiba's warped vision of one of the oldest Arabian tales to see how the dazzling beauty spent her time.