'Spectrum' A Colour For Every Mood By Jude Benhalim
  • Project by:

    The Photoboutique
  • Model:

    Farida El-Sabh
  • MUA:

    Khadiga Al-Sharif
  • Hair:

    Toi Beauty Salon

'Spectrum' A Colour For Every Mood By Jude Benhalim

Whimsical jewellery designer, Jude Benhalim, refracted a spectrum of trending icy hues for her latest collection and WE WANT EVERY LAST COLOUR! Spectrum's core concept is personalisation and interchangeability - a notion which lends itself to the playful, independent spirit of the brand which stands out for its incorporation of poetic calligraphy with intricate craftsmanship to emanate an array of flexible geometric lines, using multiple materials. Best part though, whether it's a cuff or choker you opted for, unlike Pokemon, you don't 'Gotta Catch'em All'; you can actually trade and share the different interchangeable Lucite stones with friends!