'Opulence' Anakronous Collection By Amr Saad
  • Collection By:

    Amr Saad
  • Art Direction + Stocking Sculpture:

    Ikon Chiba
  • MUA:

    Chanel Arif
  • Photography:

    Peter Morcos
  • Production By:

    Maison Pyramide

'Opulence' Anakronous Collection By Amr Saad

Unconventional sunglasses artisan, Amr Saad has just crafted his way to the top of our 'must have' list once again with his striking new collection, Anakronous. The novelty of his design concept inevitably landed him in the territory of eccentric visual artist, Ikon Chiba who almost like second nature, sculpted Amr's vision into unnerving, playfully abstract paradoxes. We've been stalking the fashionably sculpted stocking creatures for some time now to observe their juxtaposing behavioral patterns and found some alarming similarities with our virtual generation of social (media) butterflies. Observe!

And now, explore the cases, one by one.

Likes long walks by the beach; indulges in occasional aerobics.

Opulence | Case A03: Enjoys macaroons by the pool; terrified of wet surfaces.

Opulence | Case A07: Drives on the fast lane; likes her hotdogs in pairs.

Opulence | Case A01: Doesn't like change; money.

Opulence | Case A04: Loves her pooch; forgets him the park.

Opulence | Case A02: Embodies bodies; parts.

Opulence | Case A06: Likes colours that are black; is colour blind.