Sarah Zakzouk 'Goes To La La Lands' (And Takes Us With Her)
  • Art Direction:

    Karim Sherif
  • Photography:

    Karim Sherif
  • Styling:

    Sarah Zakzouk, Karim Sherif
  • Model:

    Miral Mahilian
  • MUA:

    Mariam Nakkadi
  • Hair Styling:

    Manar Nawwar
  • Location:

    Ras Sedr

Sarah Zakzouk 'Goes To La La Lands' (And Takes Us With Her)

Crafty designer Sarah Zakzouk seems to have booked herself a one way ticket to La La Land - a land which she has shaped in brass, painted in gold and encrusted in crystals and stones - and we want IN! The young designer's anesthetic is an amalgamation that spans across a multitude of inspirations from both her travels and surroundings which she then manifests into statement jewelry, bags and shoes. To best reflect her unique hand crafted work, Sarah called on the talent of like-minded La La Land inhibitor, Karim Sherif to direct this shoot which harnessed both of their fascination with indigenous tribes, drawing inspiration from the AGHORI tribe for their voluminous hair and layering of jewelry and scarves as they carry their loved ones' skulls around with them. Morbidly fabulous; just how we like our romance and our FASHION!