'It Was Written In Red' Pandora's Valentine
  • A Zoom Fashion Production
  • Art Direction:

  • Photography:

    Malak El Sawi
  • Cinematography:

    Muhammed Daoud
  • Models:

    Miral Mahilian, Ahmed Sorour
  • Styling:

    Munky & Malak El Sawi
  • Hair:

    Mille Coupe Salon
  • MUA:

  • Special Thanks to Farida Kassaby & Victor Credi

'It Was Written In Red' Pandora's Valentine

Valentine's is all about celebrating those moments that take your breath away. The kind of epic love that poems and Pop songs are written about. Kidding, what it really comes down to is the chase; the manic adventures; the ecstatic ups and devastating downs; but most importantly, it's about that "ride or die" partner in crime who's always in it for the thrill. For Pandora's Valentine's, we captured that spirit of adventure in an exhilarating chase inspired by Bonnie and Clyde, the deadliest duo in the history of romance.