Femme Fatales Reclaim Public Space! 'Urban Rebel' New Collection By Jude Benhalim
  • A Zoom Fashion Production
  • Photography & Art Direction:

    Malak El Sawi
  • Styling:

    Ahmed Nabil
  • MUA:

  • Wardrobe:

    Villa Baboushka, Maison 69
  • Special Thanks to Essie

Femme Fatales Reclaim Public Space! 'Urban Rebel' New Collection By Jude Benhalim

Our very own Fashion Photographer and Art Director Malak El Sawi emulates prolific designer Jude Benhalim's vision for her latest collection 'Urban Rebel'; capturing sexy, independent and powerful women dressed to kill and conquer the city in the true vision of rebellion. The stunning collection is a romanticized manifestation of our hard-knock city, borrowing inspiration from various architectural elements and monuments, down to our cracked cement streets and the sewage pipelines lacing the city's underground.

A lawyer sits next to a fashion blogger, an artist opposite a journalist, while two revolutionary feminist filmmakers share the backseat with a model and a photographer in a dingy microbus; cruising the city at night. Street lights wash across the faces of the 12 eclectic women who are making their way to a night out on the town or back home from a long, busy day at work. Though the destinations vary for the fierce femme fatales, their journey is the same, they're out to RECLAIM PUBLIC SPACE!

Left to right: Bossaina - PR; Hannane - Fundraising Officer

Left to right: Donia - Psychologist; Yasmina - Marketeer

Left to right: Yasmine - Fashion Blogger; Amina - Lawyer

Left to right: Hana - Photographer; Menna - Model

Farah - Editor & Writer

Left to right: Aida - Director & Film Maker; Hanan - Documentary Film Maker

Chanel - Painter & Makeup Artist