Faces DJs Make When Shit Gets Real

Faces DJs Make When Shit Gets Real

It's such a rush standing behind the decks, facing a massive, cheering audience. We know that because we've been there... Okay fine, so maybe we haven't "DJed" before but you can always spot our zoomers up on the decks, capturing these glorious moments. And when shit gets real and the beat drops, our cameras snap. Pictured above, Ahmed Samy sneezed on the beat and the beat got sicker at The Tap.

Lee Van Dowski at Temple Club Series: Man, I'm good. Is this bass line sweet or what?! Full album here

Ramy DJunkie at The Tap on the verge of an eargasm. Full album here

Ramy D'Junkie at Le Duplex: Oh daaymn, did ya'll just hear that? Full album here.

When the beat gets louder and the beckoning begins. DJ Martin at Hakamoro. More snaps here

Yes, we know how you feel, Gaser El Safty. We too celebrate like that every time we snap an epic moment. No, that was a lie. Full album from SDJ Program at Omar Khayyam here

Edu Imbernon got entranced by his own beats at Temple Club Series. Either that or he was jetlagged. Full album here

"Oooh, it's going down!" Aly B dropping beats left and right like they're hot at Zigzag. Full album here

DJ FEDDE's own wicked hiphop beats sent him in a head-scratching shock at #StraightOuttaTemple