Moments You Thought It Was Just You & The Music, But It Wasn't!

Moments You Thought It Was Just You & The Music, But It Wasn't!

We've all been there; we're talking about that moment where you transcend space and time through music and often lose yourself. Open your eyes! You're not alone. But by all means, do carry on and lose yourself. That's what its all about. Just remember, you're not alone and WE ARE watching.

Talk about taking losing yourself to the music to a whole new level. (Some of them never come back...). Full Zigzag album here

The whole crowd fell into a fit of wild dancing and raving to DJ Edu Imbernon at The Temple Club Series, but not this fella. No, he had other ideas. Full album here

Teapot or flamenco dance, we're not sure but this girl was really feeling herself at The Tap's groovy Valentines blowout with Ramy D'Junkie. Full album here

Or this guy who made a solemn pledge to disco at Temple's Retro Disco night with DJ David Stepanoff. Full album here.

We were hoping the music would stop playing all of a sudden so we can hear what that sounded like. Full album from Nile Pharaohs here

Ah yes, and of course there's this one, who ditched her friends for the speakers without a second thought at Cairo Jazz Club's Dirrrrty Pop with Ramy D'Junkie. Full album here

There's no saving her. She was a gone, gone girl at #EatToTheBeat. Full album here

More of the head holding phenomina observed at #StraightOuttaTemple with DJ Mobzz and Scott Chester. Full album here