Our Weekly Roundup

Our Weekly Roundup

Ahead of the weekend we thought we would sum up the best moments from last week!

When Minus T emerged victorious at Zigzag's Rhythm Roulette, Round 1 - Downtown Cairo

When this boss-ass girl showed us how it's done at #StraightOuttaTemple DJ Pee

That day Ramy D'Junkie felt it was appropriate to pull the duck face at Cairo Jazz Club's Taxi El Sahra

When we captured Mohamed Farag and everything was 'Taht El Saytara' Cairo Jazz Club's Old Skool House ft. Safi, Nakhla, Ramsi

When we caught the notorious 'evil laugh girl' doing the stanky leg at Two Fold's A.k. & A-Squared

When the beat got too surreal and this girl tried to reach for a higher power at Zigzag's Nebula Ft. Baher & Ouzo