Weekend Shenanigans At Their Finest

Weekend Shenanigans At Their Finest

We all know it's never a boring weekend in the city that never sleeps. To recap on all of the shenanigans that went down, we summed up the wackiest and funniest moments from our favourite parties last weekend. Enjoy.

It got a tad surreal at Two Fold with DJ Mobzz and Omar El Sabh, this girl had to touch ground to stay in check.

While nostalgia is fun for some, it could get very emotional for others - Ramy D'Junkie in Disco At The Temple

With Ramy D'Junkie dropping beats that heavy on decks for Disco At The Temple, our Mostafa Habib came prepared with a helmet. Wise choice, young one.

DJ Nourre Fahmy and Tamer Auf dropped their hot beats at Zigzag and the decks caught fire, and this girl's hair caught fire, the place was on fire AND WE WERE ALL ON FIRE!

We experienced severe #HeshekBeshek action last Saturday at Gu Bar. Wait, did she accidentally hit her face? Whaaaat?

And how 'bout dat Thursday when Burgundy summoned us for their launch party in high style with a stretch Limo. How 'bout it?

Or when we air-performed to a crowd that didn't care.. Wally, what instrument is that supposed to be? Looks intense - Burgundy Launch Event

It's not so much about what she is doing with these glowey Yoyos as much as it is about the people's cautionary reacions - #EatToTheBeat Ft. DJ Dousk & Hady Tarek at Eat & Barrel