The Hunter Becomes The Hunted
  • Project By:

    @MO4Network #MO4Fashion
  • Styling & Art Direction:

    Gehad Abdalla
  • Photography:

    Lobna Derbala
  • Model:

    Wally Mowafi

The Hunter Becomes The Hunted

While most people set out for a jolly good time at Temple's Blurr Cairo blowout, we had other plans. CairoZoom was on a hunt #ForTheHunters and our eyes caught predator #1, Wally Mowafi. If you don't already know him, we urge you to take a good look! You have probably seen him lurking around at night or might have even found yourself in his den at one of his infamous after parties, but worry not! Though he be quick and swift, we were one step ahead and managed to capture his every move in this documented exposé.

15:00 - First sighting of The Hunter, Wally in his natural habitat. Observe his arms flung in the air as he warms up to the unsuspecting ladies.

16:00 - On your mark, get set, SHOT! Quenching and refueling ahead of the hunt, are we?

18:00 - And when the sun goes down, Wally gets in the bushes "I spy with my weary eye a helpless little prey."

18:01 - Quick and swift as a shadow, he pounces on his first prey!

In loving memory of Omar El Sabh

September 1990 - March 2016

"MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA" Victorious, The Hunter lets out a diabolical laugh and enjoys the rest of the party... until the next hunt.