5 People Who Did Not Get The Memo

5 People Who Did Not Get The Memo

Some people over dress and some don't try at all; others just spin off in to another realm of existance. Cairo Zoom's lens catches five party goers being... well... their unsuspecting out of touch selves? And it's everything!

Seems like we have an Edward Mordake situation on our hands. Is that hair coming out of his eyes?!. - Theater Of Dreams ft. Richy Ahmed @ Omar Khayyam

We don't know what's happening wih these two and we have a feeling they don't either - B2B Reunion @ Uptown Cairo Clubhouse

Gold is old, but that hair though.. - B2B "Back2Gold" @ Uptown Cairo

Strange fetishes some people have. Not sure if the people behind him share the same one. - Audio Damiana 003 @ Maxim

When you fall and trip into your grandmother's exotic oriental lamp but you don't want her to notice so you pretend like you're an exotic oriental lamp. Click here for more information on serious addiction to being furniture - Auberge NYE @ Ancient Sands - Gouna