Our Weekly Roundup

Our Weekly Roundup

Ladies and gents, rejoice because it's that time of the week again, it's time for our weekly roundup.

When we caught the glamorous Suzan Edris killin' it on the dance floor with her sick moves. - Dirrrrty POP @ CJC

When this girl felt all kinds of things when the beat dropped. - Aly Goede, Aroussi & Chiati @ Zigzag

We're not really sure what's happening here but we kinda like it... - #StraightOuttaTemple Ft. Moniem @ Temple

When we caught uber fashionista Hadia Ghaleb swagin' out and slayin' the dane floor with her fresh moves - #StraightOuttaTemple Ft. Moniem @ Temple

This girl who had the disco fever bad - Toni Vegas in Disco @ The Temple

When our lens caught Young Pharoz' Shahd El Shaarawy being a groupie herself. - Friday Brunch Ft. Hassan Ramzy @ The Tap