Our Weekly Roundup

Our Weekly Roundup

Rejoice ladies and gents, it's the WEEKEND which also means it's time for our weekly roundup. Here's a compilation of our favourite moments to get your party juices going. Buckle up!

When we got a lil' too experimental at Cairo Jazz Bluub's Manic Mondays - The Lab Ft. Richard R. & Ouzo

When Cairo Jazz Club hosted one red hot Disco night, literally - Disco 7amra Ft. Disco Misr & A-Squared

When we swagged out - sha'aby style - to El Dakhlaweya and Suezy's infamous tunes. - Shaaby Night Ft. El Dakhlaweya & Suezy @ Cairo Jazz Club

When Cairo 360 celebrated their 6th anniversary with a massive hiphop party at Cairo Jazz Club. - Cairo 360's 6th Anniversary

When Amie Sultan shimmied and shook her way through The Temple for their all new Cabaret night. - Cabaret @ Temple