24 Reasons You Don't Want To Miss Nacelle's Sandbox 2016
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    Zeyad Gohary

24 Reasons You Don't Want To Miss Nacelle's Sandbox 2016

Remember that kid from school who played alone in the sandbox that no one wanted to play in? That kid was Nacelle's Tito and now, he's all grown up and made a Sandbox SO BIG, everyone wants to play in it! True or not, it's a good story. Nacelle gave us and CairoScene an exclusive flash back through the best captured moments from Sandbox 2015 ahead of this year's massive blow out, set to kick off from the 19th to the 21st of May. You see, we too were that kid in the sandbox and so we will definitely be there to play! Below are 24 reasons we think you should come play with us too.

If you already brought your tickets or plan on buying them before the 15th of May, you have automatically entered a draw for an ALL-EXPENSES-PAID-TRIP TO AMSTERDAM and tickets to the Amsterdam Dance Event! The two winners will be announced on May 15th by yours truly, CairoZoom. Tune in to our Snapchat 'thecairozoom' as we bring you the results EXCLUSIVELY! Check out CairoScene's Buzz for more information!

Kites flyin' high, you know how we feel.

Sun in the sky, YOU KNOW HOW WE FEEL! Okay, we're done with this song now. Scroll along.

Because who doesn't enjoy 'dancing like a monkey on hot sand', on hot sand?

And when you can't take the heat no more, take a plunge and cool off in Red Sea while still enjoying the party vibes.

Tie dye shirts are still a thing in Happy Land.

In fact, you can be anything you like with no judgement there. This man, for instance, crowned himself the four-armed king of Happy Land. Who's to stop him?

Cheers Abou Samra, we love our Soy Milk too.

Because only the chillest of people with an appreciation for good music know where it's at.

And if you're in this beautiful scenary with the best music entertainment pumping in your ears, the warm sun on your skin and the cool brease in your hair and you ain't smiling like these guys, nothing will save your soul.

The happy hipsters..

And the happy hippies.

There is also no better place to catch up and kick back with some of our favourite DJs. What's up, Minus T? Still working on that special shake?

And now, a tribute to the man with the plan; the father of the incredible party force that is Nacelle; HAIL TITO!

It wouldn't be the most anticipated beach party of the year without the stellar performances by top local and international talents. Still can't find those socks that Baltimorean band, Life On Planets rocked off.

And then the sun goes down and all hands go up! DJ Aly Goede appears overwhelmed by all the love. Aaw.

Even Life On Planets band went up for seconds in what was a brilliant collaboration with the local beats master.

We have all seen DJs strike the classic Jesus Pose on decks when Shit gets real, but have you ever seen it literally ON TOP of the decks? Didn't think so. DJ Francesca Lombardo was our first reported sighting.

But it wasn't just the DJs who were overwhelmed, the entire crowd was completely captivated by the sound. Check out these intimate close-ups,

And since we're getting upclose and personal, Minus-T made our list for best beach wear. Yes, don't let the top half fool you, this shirt was tucked into a pair of neon speedos. Don't believe us? Look at Aly's face! #ZoomOut!