Our favourite Ramadan Tents This Year!

Our favourite Ramadan Tents This Year!

Ramadan and fasting won't hold Cairenes back from a night on the town; in fact, the nights just got longer and funner! Now replace that Martini with a Karkadeh here and the booty shakin' with a shisha and stimulating conversation there, and you're good to go! No rest for the wicked.

Our Mostafa Habib and fabulous makeup artist, Mai Ayman took the reins on the entertainment for the launch of The Gabriel Hotel's tent at The Pool Club. Kolloo Fel Konafa! - Fel Konafa Opening @ The Gabriel Hotel

We got a seat with all the cool kids at literally the most anticipated Ramadan tent of the year! - Grand Opening @ Si Omar Ramadan Tent

JW Marriot pulled out all the stops for the launch of their fabulous Ramadan tent, Welad El Zawat, bringing 'el lamma el 7elwa' together at the stunning terrace venue - Welad Al Zawaat Ramadan Tent @ JW Marriott

Riverside seem to have gotten derranged with nostalgia, plastering their entire interior - from walls to tables - with iconic 80's and 90's pop illustrations. Add to that an insane line-up of Shaaby heavy weights on weekends! - Abdel Baset Hamoda & Shobeik Lobeik @ Riverside

Shaaby Sultan, Bahaa Sultan added the cherry on top of an exceptionally delightful sohour, orchestrated by Renaissance Hotel and JW Marriott. - Layaly Mirage Sohour @ JW Marriott

From modern white interiors in to an oriental tent with only the biggest Shaaby talents in town, Eat & barrel are disrupting the peace and redefining sohour as we know it - Ramadan Weekend @ Eat & Barrel

It wasn't a few cosmos under the table that got these ladies tipsy, it was Ragheb Alama's charm that left us all intoxicated and giggling like a bunch of school girls - Sohour with Ragheb Allama @ El Tawla Tent