10 Times We Wondered What Has Sahel Done To People.. And Why?!

10 Times We Wondered What Has Sahel Done To People.. And Why?!

While we at CairoZoom work tirelessly 'round the clock to bring you all the monkey business, sexy moments and hottest happenings around Egypt, have you ever wondered about all the other horrors and bizarre sightings our eyes come across while filtering through the captured proceedings of these crazy Sahel parties? This feature is a tribute to all the weirdos and misfits up North whose very existence is as amusing as it is often confusing.

We don't know how you feel about stereotypes, but Sheikh Edward here has made the top of our list for bizzare entertainment - The Summer Of Love @ The Lemon Tree Marassi

Caitlin has been leaving us speechless with her insane violin acrobats. Who plays the violin upsidedown, though? Honestly! - Walkman Night Ft. DJ Tough Guy & Caitlin @ Tabla

Sasa's Angels? We doubt Charlie shared our Zoomer Mostafa's taste in hats - Opening Weekend @ Ciel Beach Club

Because raving and dancing for 12 hours straight is just too normal, lets take it up a notch and throw in a beach ball while simultaneously choking on a floatie - Back 2 Basics: Summer 16 @ Marassi Beach Club

The Captain of this ship has decided to belt out an opera. The result? MEN OVERBOARD! That synchronicity though, you boys have a bright future in water ballet - Day & Night Fiesta @ The Tap North

And in the midst of all the dancing and partying, PEW PEW PEW! This killing machine just sprouted out of nowhere, shooting lasers at anything in its path. Domo arigato, Mr.Roboto! - Signature Night @ 6ix Degrees

Meanwhile, this friendly 'beta' robot made us question everything; from his existance, down to his choice of shoes. Perhaps something with hydrolics, next time? - Ne3na3a ft. Essam Karika @ Club Mint

Hello there; care to explain what your Bugs Bunny-pyjama-wearing butt is doing on stage with a heart-shaped cushion? WHAT'S HAPPENING? - Stephan Bodzin & Jeremy Olander @ Aura Arena

If it's the after hours, things inevitably get a lil too crazy. But this. Is. SAHEEEEEEEL! (Not SPARTAAAAA!) - Soul Button, Abou Samra, Sebzz, Fayek @ Exit