'Down In The Sand-Box' Our Exclusive Sandbox 2016 Experience with Heineken
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'Down In The Sand-Box' Our Exclusive Sandbox 2016 Experience with Heineken

YAS people, it's that time of year again - check your shades and beach swag because we're diving head first into Heineken's Sandbox on Thursday 4th of May for three days of beachside shenanigans and incredible live music from the hottest DJs and live acts around the world!

Year after year, our local beach fest has set the bar higher for themselves, quickly gaining international recognition as one of the most iconic music festivals in the region. And incase you didn't grab a ticket yet (shame on you), don't sweat it; Heineken's got your back. All you have to do is whip out your best dance moves and post a picture or video on instagram, tagging @OpenYourWorldEgypt with #HeinekenSandbox. Piece of cake, right? We've compiled some of the hottest moments from last year's Sandbox along with this sexy documentary to get you inspired.

For more info head over to Cairo Scene's buzz section here. Competition ends on April 27th so get that booty clappin' and fingers snappin'.

The calm before the storm.

Fists up and ready to rumble.

Conspiring behind decks.

Let the games begin!

And now, some cinematic shots.

And then of course, there's these guys...

Bad and boujee.

err... sure, why not.

It might not be Woodstock, but we'll leave you with this.

Either this was a mysterious Edward Mordake case or this guy's head was spun right 'round.

No kite surfers were harmed in the shooting of this photo (we hope).

Swingin' high.

Coachella's got nothing on our Sandbox!

Life On Planets - Out of this world!

And when the sun goes down, that's when the real fun begins.

Do the Mambo!

Be free, m'child! Be freeee!

"These Egyptians are straight up cray!" - Yep, we know.

Some sexy, quirky fashion coming your way.

Audrey Hepburn called, she wants her scarf back

"You guys really like high fives around here, don't you? That's nice"

Mic check - Tito the great!

"Handing the torch over to ya, brah."

Hands up; a round of applause and until the next Heinken Sandbox, May the 4th be with you.