The Good, the Bad, and the Spooky - Halloween 2017

The Good, the Bad, and the Spooky - Halloween 2017

Shadows of a thousand years rose again unseen, voices whispered in the trees, "Tonight is Halloween!" and in ghosts we wouldn’t normally believe, but only mischief is expected of Hallow’s Eve. As for our spine-chilling adventures of tricks and treats, we encountered the ghouls and goblins wandering the nights; some were good, some were bad, but the spooky were our favourite indeed.

The horror of Hallow's Eve took off at The Tap Maadi, but little did we know robots enjoy the simpler things in life like a chilly mojito with their ghoul buds...

...but we quickly explored our way around the dance floor under the guidance of the undead Halloween clown/bunny and the ghost of Steve Irwin.

This friendly ghost had filled the house with Boo-ze on this eerie Hallow's Eve at Cairo Jazz Club.

Do you want to know how she got these scares? We doubt it.

Feathers appear when angels are near, but for Hallow's Eve at CJC, demons are even nearer.

Bad horn day for this little demon at The Tap East.

Head over heels, quite literally for Nineteen Twenty Five's Reign of Terror.

Witch, please!

Daddy's Little Monsters.

DJ Lyon Avakian was on decks for the reaping of Nineteen Twenty Five.

No better time to go tomb raiding and witch hunting when there are plenty of them roaming around at Cairo Jazz Club's Coven on Hallow's Eve..

Grab them by the broomstick!

We see you went straight for the treats hidden in the Basement...

The violins sing with joyful ring, but the horns were quite terrifying on Hallow's Eve at CJC.

Why are pirates pirates? Because they arrrrr.

Overthinking about Mark Antony again?

She's a bunny, duh! *points at ears*

Is it a witch in disguise? Caped zombie? Undead Darth Vader? All of the above?